I told you so
old and battered
A sad expression came into its eyes–
And I lived in a Lifeboat
Where did you say you wanted to go?
We’ll take you home
and you tell us
your wonderful adventures.


Sweet Ambrosia: Canned Apricot Nectar

I miss the old days of farmstand and good, quality apricots. Here is to happy ambrosia canning.

Soul & Stomach

One of the simplest and most rewarding canning recipes, apricot nectar is true ambrosia, a term referencing the mythical “food of the gods.”  In our home, apricot nectar has obtained that nearly divine status in the pantry and thankfully it also fills the body with concentrated vitamins and nutrients.


To our family’s satisfaction, the trees are lush at summer’s end and brimful of harvestable cots. At this time in the season, writing goes by the wayside while I preserve our bounty for winter.  Many in the Methow Valley reflect during harvest that if production recipes aren’t happening every day, we’re getting behind.


I learned to make apricot nectar (and to surreptitiously gather it from the cellar) from my dear friend’s mother, Betsy Buford. It never fails to please and includes the wonderful necessity of a hand crank food mill.

Betsy was one of those rare super-moms of the ’70s. Raising four children miles from any…

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