Tibors de Sarenom, 12th century

Art by Michelle Dee (tumblr, deviant art)

Tibors or Tiburge de Sarenom is the earliest know trobairitz or female troubadour.  Troubadours were medieval poet-musicians from Occitania, a region encompassing southern France as well as parts of Italy and Spain.  Troubadours composed secular ballads in Occitan, a Romance language native to the area.  Their poems could be intellectual, humorous, and even vulgar, but most focused on courtly love.

Many troubadours came from highborn families.  Tibors was the daughter of Guilhem d’Omelas and Tibors d’Aurenga, two nobles from southern France.  Her younger brother, Raimbaut d’Orange, was also a troubadour.  Tibors married twice and had three sons, one whom became a troubadour. 

Only a single stanza of Tibors work has survived:

Fair, sweet friend, I can truly tell you

I have never been without desire

since I met you and took you as a true lover,

nor has it happened that I lack the wish,

my fair sweet friend, to see you often,

nor has the season come when I repented,

nor has it happened, if you went off angry,

nor that I knew joy until you had returned,


(Source: Songs of the Women Troubadours)

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