Cult film director John Waters decided to hitchhike across the country and then write a book about it. That book is called Carsick, and he joins Fresh Air to share some of his stories. In the interview he and Terry talk about what makes a good [and bad] hitchhiking sign, creepy highway motels, and the etiquette of turning down rides:

“In real life when you’re out there, as I said — I would’ve gotten in [with] Ted Bundy in his Volkswagen with his arm in his sling, in the front seat. You’ll get in any car, believe me. All your rules, all your things that you imagine, go out the window when you’ve been standing there for 10 years and those Kansas winds are ripping your weather-beaten face.

It is the worst beauty regimen ever to hitchhike. I would go in the motels at night and look in the mirror. And I have in my office a little mirror, a hand mirror that I got from a joke shop where you pick it up and look at yourself and it screams. Well, that’s what every mirror did when I hitchhiked across America. It let out a shriek of horror when they saw [my] hitchhiking face — a new thing that I want to invent a product for.” 

Photo by Sauta Marsh 

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