Debutante Granny!

Debutante Granny

I have taken many, many poetry classes and am very familiar with terminology.

Enclosed are the poetry quiz words used in context to demonstrate my experience with rhyme.

She drove a Dodge Dactyl to the curb
and plugged the parking meter.
She was on the scene to write a social blurb
a debutante went to greet her.

The deb stood and held a stanchion
of the stately home on Park Avenue
A palatial, 100 room scansion
of the wealthy deb and ingénue.

The reporter popped a trochee into her mouth
to soothe her scratchy throat.
‘Debutante Granny from the South!’
the poison-pen reporter wrote.

“Y’all a bother anapest..”
Iamb,” said the reporter, “it is my job.”
“You Yankee witch!” the deb stressed.
Said the reporter, “Don’t be such a lying snob.”

Unstressed by her bad poetry
the reporter quit her rhyme.
And Granny entered High Society
for the sixty-second time.

By J. Bea Young

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