Trout Creel

In the warm autumn wicker staleness,

I am rocked to end-sleep

step by fisherman’s step,

along Horse Creek.

Lulled into the abyss 

by a robin’s song.

The creek flows, sighing, endless

I know no sound sadder than

the first leaf fallen

or a wild rainbow taken. —JBea Young




He tips another up to the sagging, cherubic lip

and drinks a beer from a wide-hipped bottle


singing praises within

blue notes and bluer words, still.


In the pale, cool hours of a smoky bar

he communes with strangers


the royal blue robe stains him

He sings hallelujah.

Fellowship Hall

coffee, creamer and sugar

He saves two doughnuts


One for him and 

one for his mother. —  JBea Young

J Peeps, Peeps unofficial reviewer

After buying and consuming  two new kinds of Peeps for Easter, this reviewer gives Peeps Orange Creme flavor and Peeps Strawberry Creme flavor a marginal 2 carrots out of 5. While Peeps are notorious for being basically sugar, these new flavors up the ante by combining marshmallow, sugar, and sprinkles which can best be described as tasting like the dry Jell-O powder (before it gets mixed with water.) Not sure if it is an improvement over the old Peeps if you think that “sugar” is a flavor; however, if you are going for the total sugar high, these are the treats for you. Untasted, and probably will remain that way, are Vanilla flavor and Party Cake flavors.   Save your carrots and spend your money on Moonstruck chocolates.